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Designing for Gender

Men and women clearly have different preferences on a variety of topics, as we are all familiar understanding. Tami Greene, Partner and Architect at IKM, asked herself the question one day, ‘Do I design and experience space differently than my male counterparts?” This intriguing inquiry lead her down a rabbit hole of exploration that may be eye opening for those in the Design + Build world to the curious individual who’s interest is also peaked by this question.

Join host Tammy Polenz, Integration Manager of Active Design with levelHEADS Inc and Tami Greene in this discussion about how men and women perceive the world differently and why Designers should consider these differences when creating spaces.

About Tami

Ms. Greene joined IKM in 1997 as a graduate architect and is currently a Principal at IKM. She has also served as a project manager on some of IKM’s most challenging projects. Over the past ten years she has gained considerable experience in a diverse range of healthcare projects, with a specialized focus on Outpatient Care and Surgery Centers. As the project manager for the past 15 years Ms. Greene was primarily responsible for the detailed execution of the project’s design and documentation. She has managed the architectural support staff, production team and the consultants to ensure the project’s completion. As a designer Ms. Greene combines a strong visual awareness and keen eye for detail using creative and organizational skills to develop successful projects. She also has expert knowledge of building products, construction details, and relevant healthcare regulations and quality standards. As a Principal and highest-ranking female in the firm, Ms. Greene advocates for a balanced work environment for all staff and fosters an award-winning mentoring culture for the Emerging Professionals at IKM.

Guest: Tami Greene, AIA, NCARB Partner & Architect at IKM Architecture


Host: Tammy Polenz, Integration Manager of Active Design at levelHEADS

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