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People are your chief asset and its why we design spaces that have positive impacts on health. Our clients are co-creators of their work spaces. Through a collaborative process, we combine creative architectural ideas with your vision to produce innovative solutions.   Our synergistic design practice accounts for a variety of human needs comprising creative, psychological, emotional, physical, neurological and medical diversity.  


Gym + Spa Design

Equipment Planning

Equipment Procurement

Staffing + Management


Process Integration

Financial Modeling

IT + Software Integration

Business Consulting

KPI Analysis


Sophisticated design revolving EDAC and Active Design guidelines (Active Urban Design & Active Building Design) is the levelHEADS signature standard. Interdependencies of all systems and guidelines are congruently integrated within each overall master plan. The result is high-impact synergistic designs that positively impact human health, while solving complex challenges that align with the project's overall operational and community goals. Projects are managed and implemented with sensitivity towards design excellence from conception to completion.