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We approach medial design from two angles, general functionality and patient comfort. Sophisticated design revolving EDAC and Active Design guidelines is our signature standard. We take a holistic approach in creating comfortable patient rooms with natural light and a feel of home. Nature is imbued in every space for the best patient experience. Common areas are designed as open transparent spaces with uplifting views to promote the quickest patient recovery and outcomes. Nature focused art and decor, along with beautiful landscapes and plush courtyards is the health promoting model levelHEADS uses for every medical project. 


Fitness + Wellness

Energizing spaces in the fitness, wellness and industrial complex is crucial for a center's success. Our team of professionals have extensive experience in the fitness, wellness and spa industry, giving us an intimate understanding of both operator and client/member needs. Our 'turnkey' development approach includes visioning workshops to creating the perfect facility all the way through build out and operations. We provide floor planning, equipment procurement, programming, IT solutions and integration services, as well as facility management and staffing solutions. 


Commercial + Retail

Commercial buildings have many purposes requiring specific design characteristics. Each project is developed around company purpose and branding, as well as community-orientation. We utilize lean and Six Sigma methodology to advance our client’s business objectives. Working closely with each client to better understand their needs, builds a mutually trusting relationship and happy clients. From modernizing exteriors for a new brand image to enhancing the customer experience through updated interiors, our designs elevate a person's overall experience. Simply put, we humanize the overall project from design to build out completion. 


Civic + Education

Civic buildings, schools and learning centers are are places where interactive experience is shaping lives. These family-centered places bring people together around shared interests and community purpose. Successful architecture defines how individuals will experience these environments in a collective way. Good design promotes learning and healthy socializing. We follow Active Design guidelines, accounting for a variety of unique personal human needs. From stimulating to desensitizing environments, biophilic enhanced to activity focused spaces, we synergistically bring together a variety of inspiring elements that manifest positive experiences within a public or shared arena.  

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