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Curiously Optimistic = Success

By Tammy Polenz with Guest Robert Weeks

Welcome to Design + Build Talk a show where we discuss unique topics related to the Design + Build Industry.

It takes a Curiously Optimistic thought process to engage in any successful endeavor, which after 2020 seems to be a real desire for many. Some might find this concept difficult to delve into when all the negativity from the media might say otherwise. However, remaining in a state of curiosity can open doors to hidden gems that become visible after this mental shift. There are lots of prospects all around us here in Cleveland, as well as beyond our local municipality. You just need to look with new eyes of Curious Optimism to see what interesting opportunities lay ahead.

Join host Tammy Polenz, Integration Manager of Active Design with levelHEADS Inc and Robert Weeks from R-Weeks Consulting LLC in this discussion about Curious Optimism and how it equals Success.

About Robert

An optimist, Rob often describes himself as pretending to be an Architect for over 25 years. A Strategist and Senior Project Manager, in his consulting firm he assists Developers, Architects, Engineers, Contractors and interesting clients in creating Strategies for Developing New and Better Business. He is sometimes labeled a Pollyanna, a label that he resists due to the idea that all his optimism has a basis in substantiated evidence.

Referenced book: The Prosperity Paradox by Clayton M. Christensen, Efosa Ojomo and Karen Dillon

Guest: Robert Weeks

R-Weeks Consulting LLC


Host: Tammy Polenz, Integration Manager of Active Design at levelHEADS

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