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  • Tammy Polenz

The Final Puzzle Piece

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

The 105,000 sf Center for Integrated Wellness, opened  up in September 2016, was truly a complex programmatic and functional puzzle including an orthopedic practice, sports performance, and health & wellness programs. The dynamics of all three, including community and administrative spaces, had to co-exist in a complimentary and operational sustainable manner. During early planning we recognized the need to provide for future expansion and maximizing the acreage available. Careful thought was given to the magnitude of a potential future building, adjacency to current programs, ease of adjacent construction to an operational building, and how it fits into the overall complex from a design standpoint. In this case, the 27,000 sf, two-story expansion was planned to directly align with the two-story METHOD sports performance facility which is one of the most prominent features on the site. Through use of similar materials, building height and angle positioning, the addition completes the puzzle and provided the last programmatic piece within the comprehensive Center for Integrated Wellness.

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