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  • Tammy Polenz

Form Follows Daylight

levelHEADS, Inc, through Signet Development, programmed and planned a 50,000 sf new building for consolidation of a large Orthopedic practice. The building included Clinical, Imaging, and PT/OT all being supported by an 11-Physician office suite. The majority of the spaces wanted first-level access which created a broad footprint with potentially great distances to perimeter windows and access to natural light. The solution to address the sprawling floor plan involved inclusion of strategically placed clerestory windows, skylights and large interior courtyards to maximize daylight and minimize energy usage.

The sub-waiting space for surgical scheduling was highlighted with a large, rectangular skylight and textured feature wall. This "waterfall of light" creates an uplifting experience through day and evening patient hours. Exam room pods were designed around access to daylight and accommodated clerestory windows located high enough for patient privacy considerations. Corridors, private offices, nursing work hubs, breakrooms, and conferences rooms were located around strategically placed courtyards filled with low-maintenance plantings, rock gardens, and patio spaces.

levelHEADS considers the patient/family experience as a paramount project driver to accommodate through form, function and access to natural light. Farnsworth served as the Architect of Record and supported levelHEADS with interior design.

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