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  • Tammy Polenz

A Room with a View, and Purpose

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

As a main service line for levelHEADS, Inc., healthcare projects continue to provide us a platform for creativity that enhances patient outcomes, improves caregiver support, and increases a positive, family experience. We strive to create opportunities for the patient's family to stay on the unit and remain close to their loved ones during the step-down recovery process. Providing a Guest Lounge on each unit that functions as a respite space with concierge amenities, serves that purpose.

Varying seating groupings, entertainment wall, nourishment station, access to a private consult room, and internet access are a few features that provide some positive distraction. Locating this space at the entry to a unit creates a great first impression and can reflect the values and mission of the healthcare institution.

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