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levelHEADS, in Collaboration with CBLH, Designs New UH Seidman Cancer Center in Avon

State-of-the-art facility in Lorain County with WELL Building influences

By Tammy Polenz March 10th 2021

Currently under construction and scheduled to open September 2021, the new UH Cancer Center will be a hub in Avon for Seidman. This new state-of-the-art facility, designed by levelHEADS in collaboration with CBLH Designs, will provide Lorain County residents convenient access to comprehensive cancer care not previously local to the area. University Hospital’s Seidman Cancer Center is currently part of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Case Comprehensive Cancer Center at Case Western Reserve University and part of the list of 51 centers of its kind in the country. The prestigious center makes this project an exciting addition to the community.

This beautiful two-story $31 million, 35,000 square-foot facility offers Radiation and Medical Oncology in a WELL Building referenced design. The organization’s objectives are part of a multifaceted solution towards solving the health challenges that are facing us globally. Following in the footsteps of LEED, for which the building is currently pursuing certification, WELL Building Standard takes patient care and staff wellness needs into consideration by incorporating specific design elements into each project. In providing a holistic built environment we can influence behavior and operations through design, which follows the philosophy that design dictates patient outcomes and overall user health. Considering that people spend about 90% of their time indoors, as designers it is our responsibility to create spaces that promote well-being over the contrary outcome.

The overall design integrates aspects of WELL Building Standards that include air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort control and mind. Below are details of how the building promotes better patient outcomes and staff wellness through design.


The HVAC systems have been designed to achieve a 20% reduction in energy use and provide MERV 14 air filtration. Outside air ventilation has been designed to exceed ASHRAE 62.1, ASHRAE 170 and Well Building Standard.

Comfort Control

The HVAC control system has been designed to exceed the thermal comfort design standards for Well Building Standard and ASHRAE 55.


The water systems have been designed to reduce building water usage by 30%. The overall mechanical and plumbing systems were designed to enhance the Well Building Standard and LEED certification to provide an energy efficient and pollutant free environment for critical care of patients.


Patient Nourishment Stations and staff breakrooms are located on each floor.


The serine natural views are uninterrupted inside by the two-story curtain wall that expands the front entryway and both lobby areas for individuals to safely wallow in the permeating natural light during their wait. The front of the building provides a seating area on the exterior of the building with a floor of decorative pea gravel, grasses, and decorative foliage, which will connect the beauty of the garden with a common waiting area inside only separated by the sheer curtainwall between.


The walkable areas around the building and semi-secluded outdoor spaces provide opportunity for staff to take a break outside on sunny days while enjoying a nice walk and some fresh air. Additionally, the UH Avon Health Center located on the campus at the main building, includes a 60,000 square foot fitness and wellness facility open to the community with easy access for staff to engage in for preventative activities. Wellness center programming includes lap and warm water therapy pools, indoor and outdoor tracks, state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength equipment, racquetball and basketball courts, and even a day spa for various types of massages and skincare treatments.


Enhancements to campus have been accomplished through landscaping updates to the overall site providing an uplifting experience. From the moment visitors pull up the building drive through the main entrance they will be greeted by drought-tolerant trees and understory landscape that draw from the palette established on the rest of the campus, merging this new building seamlessly into the existing site. The design established a palette of native and adaptive materials that will bring color impacts to all four sides. Flowing forms and attention paid to the ground plane make the gardens especially attractive from the building’s second floor, a design consideration that was important when considering views from doctors’ offices and waiting rooms throughout the building.

Architect, Engineering, Construction, LEED, Landscaping & Signage Team

levelHEADS, CBLH Design, Osborn Engineering, THP Engineering, Heapy Engineering, HCRG Solutions, Boulevard Studios, Davey, KS Associates, Richards Communications and Shook Construction

Learn more about this project and UH initiatives here:

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