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Head of the Class

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

levelHEADS Inc. continues to evolve our service line offering which now includes multiple K-12 projects and the Education market. Through project designer Todd Fodor and his over 15 years of K-12 experience, we have worked with multiple school districts on projects including master planning and sports complex design, classroom renovations, roof and paving replacements and several other facility upgrades. Our latest project includes the renovation of an entire classroom wing for Port Clinton High School. Interior renovations included improving noise reduction by adding carpet, painting walls, new casework, and upgrades to some infrastructure and IT systems. The fresh environment of these classrooms have a direct correlation to student comfort, attention and attitude.

Additionally, levelHEADS has worked on multiple education/training rooms, board rooms, and community rooms for our health and corporate clients. These spaces become and integral part of the overall facility and a centerpiece for design.

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